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16+ Fresh Fruit Juices by Real Fruit Power

  • Mosambi Juice - Fresh Fruit Juices by Real

    Real Mosambi Fruit Juice

    Real Fruit Power Mosambi juice is packed in a six layered Tetra pack which protects the nutritive value and freshness of the beverage till it reaches the consumers

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  • Pomegranate Juice - Fresh Fruit Juices by Real

    Real Pomegranate Fruit Juice

    The Pomegranate, an acknowledged super fruit in dominant world cultures, is super nutrition-dense which makes it an extremely healthy fruit offering in form of pomegranate beverage.

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  • Guava Juice - Fresh Fruit Juices by Real

    Real Guava Fruit Juice

    Blessed with numerous nutrients of nature, the ‘Pink’ guava is well known for its great taste and endless health benefits. Every day, we pick, create and share only the best quality of pink guavas straight from the foothills of Karnataka.

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  • Mango Juice - Fresh Fruit Juices by Real

    Real Mango Fruit Juice

    Real Mango is the ultimate indulgence. It's thick, and so full of mangoes that every sip is like biting into the sumptuous fruit itself. The best part is that even when the king of fruits has retired for the season, the goodness and joy of Mangoes continues to live on in households across India, thanks to Real Mango.

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  • Litchi Juice - Fresh Fruit Juices by Real

    Real Litchi Fruit Juice

    Born from the peerless, world renowned Muzaffarpur Litchis, these deliciously succulent litchis are an annual delight for litchi lovers who eagerly wait for the fruit every year.

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  • Orange Juice - Fresh Fruit Juices by Real

    Real Orange Fruit Juice

    Réal Orange packs all the fun, quality and the nutrition of oranges, sourced from the finest orchards from the across the world. Each pack is loaded with the goodness of 10 oranges, as to ensure that your child gets all the orange juice benefits in each sip.

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  • Apricot Juice - Fresh Fruit Juices by Real

    Real Apricot Fruit Juice

    Réal Apricot Juice is one of our latest offerings. Apricot is considered as one of the most delicious fruits and it has now been introduced under the Réal Fruit Power umbrella.

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  • Mixed Fruit Juice - Fresh Fruit Juices by Real

    Real Mixed Fruit Juice

    A good mixed fruit juice brings together the best qualities of different fruits while retaining a unique taste of its own. Your kid will love the stand-alone tangy-sweet taste of Real Mixed Fruit and will always ask for more.

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  • Apple Fruit Juice - Fresh Fruit Juices by Real

    Real Apple Fruit Juice

    Yes, they do say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but we often overlook the fact that it also keeps the children away! Especially after the apples have been cut and kept out for some time. Discover the joy of Réal Apple Juice– the kids will love it. The crisp delight of apples can be felt in every sip of the apple juice.

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  • Cranberry Juice - Fresh Fruit Juices by Real

    Real Cranberry Fruit Juice

    RéalCranberry Fruit Power is the most popular and loved cranberry fruit beverage in the country. It has beenwell accepted as the most preferred base for many delightful mocktails (like cranberry fruit punch) and has in fact, become the key to creating magic at home! It is loved for its taste which leaves you wanting for more.

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  • Peach Juice - Fresh Fruit Juices by Real

    Real Peach Fruit Juice

    RéalFruit PowerPeachbrings to your home the exotic goodness of peaches which are rare and difficult to obtain at any time of the year.RéalFruit Power captures the vitality of peaches, which are typically grown in colder climates, with the help of the well-known aseptic technology.

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  • Pineapple Juice - Fresh Fruit Juices by Real

    Real Pineapple Fruit Juice

    Pineapple juice is the easiest way for you to conveniently include the wholesomeness of pineapple in your daily diet. Thebeverage is prepared using the best quality pineapples sourced from select farms which are then converted into your favourite pineapple juice.

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  • Plum Juice - Fresh Fruit Juices by Real

    Real Plum Fruit Juice

    RéalFruit Power Plum is the newest addition in the RéalFruit Power family. We bring to you the best plums in form of plum juice. Réal Fruit Power Plumis made from the most succulent, delicious plums which remind you of the fruit itself. RéalPlum Juice, launched in 2012, is the first ever plum fruit beverage in India. The juice consists of the pristine and surreal taste of plums which are delicately plucked from the finest orchards from all over the world.

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  • Grapes Juice - Fresh Fruit Juices by Real

    Real Grapes Fruit Juice

    Since time immemorial, Grapes have been one of the favourite fruits in homes across India and Grapes Juice is much popular among kids and adults alike. We bring to you the juicy pleasures and goodness of pulpy, delicious grapes in form of RéalFruit PowerGrapevariant.

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  • Tomato Juice - Fresh Fruit Juices by Real

    Real Tomato Fruit Juice

    RéalFruit Power Tomato is a delight for all tomato lovers for its delicious taste and unmatched nutrition content.

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