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Parenting a picky eater can be stressful. You constantly try to ensure that your kids eat a healthy diet, but they seem to reject them in favour of candies, cola and pizza.

The good news is that children usually grow out of fussy eating and there are a lot of ways to help your fussy eater get proper nutrition.

Use the one bite rule

The one bite rule means that the child must take at least one bite of everything on the plate. If they not, they dont get any alternative dinner. (Try to make sure that there is at least one thing on the plate that the kids have liked and eaten before.) It might be hard for you to see your child go hungry or not eat enough but remember, you are helping to create healthy food habits for life.

Focus on Quality not Quantity

Force-feeding your picky eater is a bad idea. Piling mountains of veggies in their plate will make them even fussier. Instead focus on providing maximum nutrition in any quantity by making each meal balanced and including all major food groups. A great way is to include fruit juices in their meals which will give them adequate vitamins, minerals and other nutrients along with a fun way to complete their meals.

Get sneaky

Imagine your kids gobbling down bowls of spinach or carrots! It is possible with a little creative thinking. Sneak in eggplant, capsicums or carrots in yummy pasta sauce or spinach, broccoli or beans in homemade burger patty. Make trail mixes with dried fruits, raisins, nuts etc and add to their favourites like popcorn, marshmallows and cheerios to make healthy snacks.

Eat together as a family

Studies show that kids who eat meals with their parents have healthier diets and are better eaters. I know it is difficult to have all meals together but try to pull off at least one family meal every day. Keep this phone or television free time!

Lead by example

The key to inculcating healthy eating habits in kids is to walk the talk. So ditch processed foods,carbonated drinks, binge eating and being a picky eater yourself. Kids imbibe a lot from you, so be a good role model.

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