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Involving them in understanding healthy food requirements for our body, by tiny activities of fun foods

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Balanced nutritious food is the foundation to kids health and overall development. With innumerable choices of easily available and attractively packaged junk, it is very important to educate them to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy choices from the very tender age.

Involving kids occasionally in picking up healthy grocery from the store, planning and preparing meals and serving creatively are simple smart moves that encourage healthy eating. The old Chinese proverb "Tell me & I will forget, show me & I will remember, involve me and I will understand" beautifully enlightens this wisdom.  Researches show that allowing kids to creatively play with healthy food and create their own fun meals not only develops their creative skills but also helps them in making smart food choices.

You dont need to be a great artist to make some cute food for the kid. Simple age appropriate activities, with some fruits, vegetables and whole grain bread can be great fun. Cut out some tiny circles from bread and arrange it on both the sides of plate to make clouds, now join both the sides with a colorful edible rainbow. While slicing some cherry tomatoes tell him how red foods are rich in beta carotene helps to keep our kin fresh and supple, the vitamin A of carrots improve our night vision.

While he is actively involved arranging corn kernels, peas and finely shredded purple cabbage to arrange and complete the rainbow tell him the benefits of each.

Dedicate a day of the week as a "play with food day", invite your kids friends and help him to whip up some cute healthy treats for all, also make him prepare a few lines on its benefits, the applause from all his friends would be a great motivation. A flower cutout from watermelon skewered on some grapes could be a simple idea to start with.

Sit together, narrate simple stories, create and eat it. Changes surely wont happen overnight but these little moves will surely inspire kids to try new foods and gradually develop liking for healthy foods.

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Smita Srivastava

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