*Dabur India Limited claim as per Nielsen Retail Index data for period MAT FEB ’21 for the India market in Juices & Nectars segment.

How to consume Réal Beverages


Yes, but the best way to enjoy any Réal product is to serve it chilled. Also, always remember to shake the pack well before use.

Once you open the pack, immediately refrigerate and consume within 5 days. For Single Consumption pack, it needs to be consumed immediately after opening.

Do not purchase or immediately return the pack to the retailer, if the pack is puffed/expired/damaged/safety seal broken. Thoroughly check the cap and the pack from all sides before buying.

Place the cap tightly after use and place the pack back to the refrigerator. Do not leave the pack outside the refrigerator. It is not safe to consume the product left outside the refrigerator. After opening the pack, it needs to be consumed within 5 days only.

All Réal Fruit Beverages go through enclosed and automated production. Product is produced in an enclosed (minimum untouched by hands) and automatic production state of the art technology line where there is no possibility of any further addition of anything at the time of filling or thereafter.

Yes, Réal undergoes 108 stringent quality tests at various checkpoints for quality, fruit goodness, taste, nutrition and other markers. In fact, when it comes to quality, we adhere to the strictest protocols from sourcing to manufacturing and until the pack reaches you. We store our raw materials in sealed, tamper-proof containers in ideal temperatures and favourable conditions to retain freshness, taste, and purity. Complete automation and state of the art technology ensures strictly minimum human contact with the product at any time. Also, we abide by the strict guidelines on quality as outlined by FSSAI.

Aseptic processing in 6-layer packaging are used for manufacturing & packing ready-to-serve Réal Fruit Beverages, which consists of filling of commercially sterilized & cooled product in pre-sterilized containers. TetraPak manufacturing is a well-known global technology for preserving the nutritional value of the product and ensuring it is free from any food safety concerns.

Réal Fruit Beverage is made from the juice of the best fruits only. Only the best quality ingredients are sourced for making Réal Beverages while ensuring the right transportation and storage quality standards.

Yes, every Réal pack is made from the juice of the best fruits only. Réal beverages have no added preservatives, no added artificial colours and no added artificial flavours. Every pack has best quality fruit nutrition, preserved through aseptic 6-layer TetraPak cartons.