Games and activities

for a legendary house party

Parties can take a lot of turns, and you have to be prepared for way to convert a lull, slow party to a happening one. There need to be highlights to the party, where everybody comes together and there’s scope for more interaction, more conversations and much more fun.

1React and Act:

This is a perfect ice-breaker. If there are guests at your party who don’t know each other, this game will give a great starter to them. For some dramatic touch to your party, play away!

How it works: everybody, on a piece of paper will write one situation which will be collected in a bowl. The situations can be ‘hearing that your crush is getting married to somebody you don’t like’ or ‘discovering all the teeth you lost as a kid under your pillow one morning’ or ‘finding your favorite celebrity standing in front of you in the cue at the airport.’
Individuals will pick up these chits and react to the situation written on the piece of paper while the rest of you will guess what they’re screaming/fainting/crying about.

2Flip Cup:

For a quick game to bring everybody on their toes, this game is the go-to: Two teams with equal number of players will have full glasses of drinks in their hands. Each participant matches up with a person from across the table. The first player on each side will follow a down-up-down motion with their glasses. They first touch the glass to the table, touch the glasses to one another’s and again touch the glass to the table before drinking the beverage in the glass as fast as they can. After finishing, they flip their glass on the table and only then the next person in line goes. The team with all their glasses kept flipped on the table first, wins.

3Most Likely:

This game is ideal for a smaller get together and where everybody sits in a circle. One player will ask the ‘most likely’ question like, “Who would be most likely to break somebody’s head if the Wi-Fi stops working?” or “Who is always most likely to eat all the leftover food?”

On the count of three, everybody points to the person they think are most likely to do the act stated. The person with the maximum number of fingers pointed at them will drink the decided-on beverage in the same number.

4Paint all over:

So, it doesn’t have to be paint. And there’s nothing controversial about this game. You’ll only require to buy a few temporary markers which can be easily washed off. If possible, ask everybody to wear white or light-colored t-shirts. Throughout the party, you can do crazy things on the canvases people are wearing. As the night progresses, it’ll be really interesting to see what all is ‘painted’ on your guests’ clothes.

5Dancing chain:

Everybody likes some grooving in a party. And with a dancing chain, even those who just stand and tip-toe around in the name of dancing, will have to do more!

Here’s how:
Everybody stands in a circle and one person is asked to start the dancing chain. It’s advisable to keep it simple for ease of repeating by others. The person to the left then leads the group by repeating the move. Once the whole circle has repeated the move once, this person does it once again while adding one more move of their own. The chain is followed until the entire group has made contribution. It gets complicated so there’ll be a lot of laughter, there’ll also be a routine by the end.

6Never Have I Ever:

This is a fun game in which everybody at the party can be involved at once. The game starts with a participant making a statement starting with “Never Have I Ever”, if the participants involved have done the thing that the other player has stated, they have to take a shot of the drink they are holding. There are no winners or losers in this game, it’s just a fun way of knowing each other better.

There is one additional rule to the game which states – “If nobody takes a shot, then the speaker who made the statement has to take one”.

7Bottle Roulette:

It is pretty much spin the bottle but with a twist. You can keep any number of shots around the bottle, some of them can be alcoholic while some non-alcoholic. One by one each participant will spin the bottle and has to take a shot of the drink that the bottle points at. The game goes on until all the people participating have taken at least one shot.