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About Us

With every passing day, the challenge to keep fit and healthy in an urban, hectic lifestyle is getting tougher. It is imperative, today, to include not just a healthy diet, but optimize our intake. Fruit juices, rich in fiber in nutrition, are the best way to tackle this challenge. It is with this belief and objective that brand Réal Activ has come up with its product offerings. Réal Activ range of juices follows the tradition of bringing together the best of nutrients, taste and lifestyle. The brand objective is to let you have the goodness of the fruits, without any unwanted element, for a healthy and active life.

The juices are prepared from concentrated fruit extracts. The amount of water in the juices is exactly same as what is supposed to be in the fruits. The juices are also rich in fiber. Moreover, there is no added sugar, artificial colour, artificial flavour or preservatives. Hence, the final product that you get is the best supplement for a healthy lifestyle.

The brand offers 8 varieties of juices, bringing you the best of fruits and vegetables. Pick up a glass in the morning, treat yourself some taste and health, and be sure of an 'Activ' life for the rest of the day.

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