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Get In Shape: 10 Tips To Stay Active At Work

The sedentary lifestyle and the nature of work that keeps people confined to their desks are taking a toll on their health. Studies have proved that most people fall prey to obesity and other related health issues due to their desk jobs. So, it is extremely important that you stay active even when you have a 9 to 5 job that keeps you glued to your work space.

Wondering how to do this? Here are ten ways in which you can stay active at work.

1Change Your Habits

It is important that you make some time for physical activity in your daily routine. You don’t have to get into anything too elaborate, just change a few habits. Instead of driving, ride a bike or walk to work. If your workplace is too far, walk down to your office from the bus stop or metro or railway station.

2Rearranging Your Office

More often than not, you must be keeping everything in your office within easy reach. Instead, spread out all the things in an organized manner that would ensure that you need to get up and walk a few paces to get some things.

3Take the Stairs

It is convenient to take the elevator. But if you have to climb just a couple of floors, ditch the elevator and take the stairs.

4Use the Office Gym

It’s a long shot for most offices, but if possible, it is a good idea to install an exercising machine in your office. It could be a treadmill or an exercise bike. Take regular breaks and spend five minutes on it.

5Take A Break, Frequently

Whenever you notice yourself sitting at your desk for too long, take a short break. Walk up to the coffee machine or visit a co-worker’s cabin for that important chat. It will get you moving and give your body some much needed exercise.


Though it might sound a tad difficult, it is important that you work up your joints and muscles once in a while. Stand up and stretch your arms and legs every hour or two.

7Walk and Talk

While attending a call on your mobile phone, get up and walk around the room instead of sitting on your chair. Also, whenever you feel the need to speak to a co-worker, get up and walk up to them instead of sending a message or picking up the intercom.

8Burn Calories by Standing

Every once in a while, you need to check your emails. If possible, use your smartphone to check your emails. Make sure you are standing while you do this. Standing can, in fact, burn a lot of calories.

9Get Together for Group Workouts

Since most of your co-workers are in similar desk jobs like you, get together and plan some activity together. It could be a walk during lunch break or a game after office hours.

10Count Your Pedometer Steps

A pedometer tells you about the number of steps you walk, the number of stairs you climbed, the calories burnt, etc. It could motivate you to be more active.

Staying active at work will keep you healthy and help you avoid problems like obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, etc. Try to stay active and keep any threats to your health at bay.

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