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Five Must Join Sports Groups in India

Sports groups are sprouting up pretty fast on the Internet and India is not an exception. These groups are meant not only for sportsmen but for people who want to remain informed, share knowledge and opinion and also to seek suggestions from other members. Being part of sports groups allow you to keep track of your favourite games, your favourite team and news related to the sport. Here are five sports groups you must join if you want to remain informed anything and everything about sports.

1 Sports India

Be it cricket, hockey, golf or for that matter any sports, name it and you’ll not be disappointed to find it here. Every sport has a dedicated spot where members can participate in the various discussions ranging from news, match updates, and opinion sharing related to the sport. Each sports section has multiple discussion threads that possibly cover everything that you would want to know about the particular sport. Pictures and videos related to the group are also shared. Sports India is one place where you can follow any tournament held in India or have Indian participation outside India.

Website : http://www.sports-india.com/viewforum.php?f=34

2 Indian Cricket Fans

This group is committed to Cricket and cricket lovers will find it super informative and useful. The discussion thread and forum posts cover everything from idle chit chat to serious talk about cricket. If you want to follow the IPLs or want to know about any team and team members, this group will probably have what you are looking for and you always have the liberty to ask other members even if the information isn’t available. Tips, guidance and news on opportunities related to cricket are also shared making this forum a boon for young and talented players.

Website : http://www.indiancricketfans.com/

3 NDTV Sports

The group here is a pretty mature one with the potential to keep you well informed about every sports and sportsmen at the right time. The topics being discussed here will insist you to think deeper and sharper. Though group activity appears to be inactive, the discussions featured here are always truthfully controversial to enlighten you in many ways.

Website : http://www.ndtv.com/forums/sports

4 Sify Sports

Following this group is rewarding mainly for cricket fans as the main focus is on cricket with some coverage given for international sporting events. When it comes to cricket, you’ll are assured of being provided with scores, schedules, match calendars, IPLs, IPTL, ISL and videos and images.

Website : http://www.sify.com/sports/cricket/

5 Proud to be Indian

This group is a storehouse of interesting debate on sports that will leave you amazed and thoughtful at all times. News and updates about ongoing tournaments either within India or abroad are shared actively. The chances of knowing more about your favourite star isn’t a distant dream once you are in here. Most often, you’ll also find some innocent and hilarious comments that can keep your spirits in a jovial mood.

Website : http://www.proud2bindian.in/sports-india/

So if you are someone who eats, drinks and sleeps sports, bring yourself together with like-minded enthusiasts on these groups. Rest assured, you are going to have fun time knowing, discussing and debating your favourite topic!