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10 fun sports that are great for exercise

With the urbane crowd hitting gyms and eating well, it is obvious that maintaining a toned physique and embracing a holistic lifestyle has become the need of the hour. With stress levels on the rise due to long working hours in metropolitan cities, people have made exercising a regular part of their lives. We bring ten fun sports that should become a part of your daily exercising schedule.

1 Swimming

Swimming helps increase muscle endurance and helps your overall healthy cardiovascular functioning. Swimming requires you to move your entire body. Indulge in a good one hour of freestyle laps, every day to increase the breathing capacity of your lungs.

2 Running

No guesses there! Running is a useful athletic feat that helps augment the performance of your cardio respiratory system. Also, running for miles on the road and even on a treadmill has proven effective in shedding extra pounds.

3 Squash

This game might seem easy but the quick melee maneuvering requires a lot of stamina and dexterity. Squash helps you build exactly that. The constant locomotion for hitting and dodging increases the flexibility of your muscles and adds more definition to your abdomen and lower body.

4 Cycling

This fun sport amounts to exercising with minimum effort. It provides base aerobic training for a balanced and well functioning body. Other than helping with cardio-vascular health, cycling is known to help keeping your heart young.

5 Football

Kicking around a ball and running for hours can do wonders for your health and physique. Hit the field after work, everyday! The incessant movement helps build stamina and the constant kicking tones your leg muscles.

6 Basketball

Pair cross training with intense basketball sessions, for maximum results. The constant aerobic thrusts in order to shoot hoops enable quick calorie loss and muscle development. It also helps in improving coordination and balance.

7 Boxing/Wrestling

Join a boxing/wrestling class for its amazing workout benefits. This is the perfect exercise for upper body strength building. Long hours of limb exercises help to tone your arm muscles and increases endurance.

8 Frisbee

Throwing and catching a Frisbee is the right amount of fun introduced to your exercising mixed bag. All the diving, jumping and running works up a good sweat and helps in keeping your body up and running.

9 Roller skating

This aerobic form of exercising helps shape your calf and hip muscles. The active and fast movements helps keep your heart rate at check, thus improving the overall healthy performance of your cardio system.

10 Golfing

One wonders how golfing can help improve health. Funnily, it has been noted that lugging heavy golf clubs around a huge field can be considered a form of weight training. Also, arm swings help build upper body muscular strength and flexibility.

Slowly and carefully introducing such fun sports in your life ensures that you feel refreshed and replenished after long hours of work at the office. Stay happy and healthy!