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Healthy Drinks for Active Days

Besides having frequent intakes of caffeine many of us are habitual of snacking between our meals. Junk food happens to be a popular choice and it adversely affects our health in the due course of time. Now what if we get to replace them with natural fruit and veggie juices that are both tasty and nutritious?

1I Don’t Like Veggies

If you are not into habit of taking fruits and vegetables then fruit-veggie juices would help you get more of these into your daily diet. Combinations of fruits like , apricot, guava, orange, and apple and vegetables like tomato, cucumber, spinach, carrot and beetroot could make your diet healthy.

Dabur’s Real Activ has made an innovative and healthy contribution for it consumers with its mixed fruit and veggie drinks. These drinks are 100% natural and pure and there are no added sugars, flavours or preservatives.

2But Why Fruit-Veggie Juices?

Fruit-veggies drinks contains minerals & Vitamins of respective fruits.. The sodium and carbohydrate content is considerably less. Some juices have antioxidants like Beta- Carotene which when taken in converts to vitamin A.

Many a time we drink juices but not the pulp which contains more of dietary fibre. Real Activ fruit-veggies juices would offer you plenty of both.

3How Does it Benefit Health?

In drinks, having Vitamin C helps strengthens immunity. Some fruit-veggie juices are rich in antioxidants.

When consumed Antioxidant Beta- Carotene, found in carrots converts to Vitamin A that is good for eye and skin health. Real Activ mixed fruit- veggie juicesare healthy as these are having anti oxidants and other nutrients in it.

The fibre content in these juices aids digestion.

4What Else?

Well it helps satiateing your hunger and offers lessercalories than friend snacks!!

Doctors and dieticians normally recommend consuming two whole fruits and three to four vegetables in a day’s diet. Such diets are must-have especially for growing kids and expectant mothers.

A glass (200 ml) of Real Acitv mixed fruit-veggie drink is equivalent to one bowl of mixed fruits and vegetables of 300 grams. So just gulp it down and have your fill for there couldn’t be a better way to a healthy you.