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Active Tips

How to inspire yourself to take the first step towards an active lifestyle

People have become extremely conscious about fitness and health. Often, taking that first step towards a holistic life can be daunting. Leading an active life benefits you in more than one way. From feeling energetic & to remain healthy, a healthy lifestyle generates positivity and makes you feel relaxed and confident. Here are a few suggestions to help you take the first step.

1Eat healthy yet tasty

Eating healthy is the simplest way to keep your mind and body in tandem. Unfortunately, what is considered healthy does not necessarily taste good. The ever increasing popularity of food and travel shows on television has sparked a new trend. Chefs show how salads with that braised piece of lean meat can be absolutely delicious. More and more bakeries are opting to make desserts with low fat ingredients like oat meal. Eating and drinking healthy is the new mantra! Nothing beats a glass of freshly squeezed juice in the morning.

2Visualization as a positive exercise

The path to an active life is not a cakewalk. It takes a lot of determination to follow a rigorous regime. Remember that the effort going into your daily work out is helping you build that desired physique or achieve a replenished state of mind. Take joy in your hard work and visualize a better and newer you. Stay positive!

3Play fun sports as a form of exercise

Introducing sports into your exercise routine is the easiest way to liven up boring workout sessions. Invite friends to turn exercising into a fun event. Playing football on a rainy day, rock climbing on a weekend, swimming every evening and running in marathons are all different forms of exercises in the guise of sports. Fun activities like jumping a rope, tossing a Frisbee with your dog and roller skating in the park break the stereotype that exercising need be dull and uninteresting. Instead of going to a gym, hit the nearest karate kendo when you feel the need for a dramatic change.

4Set achievable goals

Set goals which are achievable! This will ensure that you stay motivated and never ditch your plans, midway. With time, you will get used to your tight wound schedule. Instead of harvesting unrealistic hopes of a quickly transformed physique, harbor ideas of a body with an improved immunity system. Work out thrice a week and start with light exercises. Keep it simple and slow! Reward yourself with a good book on meeting your expectations.

5Include friends and family

Lastly, let your family and friends in on your plans. Words of encouragement have never failed anyone. Keeping your close ones informed makes sure that you never overdo it. It will also make sure that your focus does not deter.

Don’t wait anymore to take that first step towards a healthier and holistic life. Start looking for inspiration within yourself!