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Ten Inspiration Tracks to Carry while Running

Music is a healer, entertainer and most of all motivational in nature. Apart from comfortable sneakers and apparel, a bunch of motivational tracks is a good run along requirement when you jog in the open air or are pacing on the treadmill at home or at your local gym. No matter what your objectives of running are, listening to a collection of pace matching songs can work wonders in making your running sessions fun, motivational and less monotonous. Here are ten songs you can play along to make your runs lively and less strenuous.

1 Safe and Sound

Safe and Sound from Capital Cities comes with a soothing upbeat tune that lures you to go on. The music is light and the tune is catchy that makes the track a good hum along while warming up. The tune is equally appealing even when you’ve picked up speed.

2 Eye of the Tiger

The rushing music effects in this song from the Survivor provides an amazing pace matching rhythm for running and the beat wonderfully blends well with your speed. If you are particular even about the lyrics, this song will not disappoint you as the whole song is about getting up on ones’ feet again.

3 Turn Down for What

This trap genre song from DJ Snake and Lil Jon is sure to enthral you with its addictive bass drop. This is one musically noisy track for which you won’t care about the lyrics but will be thankful for the artistically blended sound effects that just match with your speed.

4 Call on me

Eric Brydz’s Call on me is a dance music with heart throbbing beat that unwittingly pushes you to quicken your pace. The music will admirably match up with the heartbeat as you run on faster.

5 Run to you

If you are in for some deafening power chords and explosive drum treat, a reminiscence of the eighties, Run to you by Bryan Adams fits the bill exactly for running along.

6 Firestarter

Firestarter from Prodigy with remarkable drum and bass effects give you the feeling of being unstoppable. This fast track can keep you focussed on the track.

7 Born to Run

Though everything that is old may not be gold, Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen is one for music lovers and a real boon for runners for its flawless flow. The soothing music makes you want exert your power and sprint forward more energetically.

8 Life During Wartime

Wherever Talking Heads performed Life During Wartime, the team got into an energetic hop and roll posture to sync with the mood and tune of the song. Yes, this song comes with an acrobatic potion to make you want to take more steps forward while running.

9 Jai Ho

Jai Ho, an Oscar winning sound track from a Bollywood movie, Slumdog Millionaire has that catchy serene musical effect that goes so well with running momentum. The jazz like accompaniment catches up with your pace.

10 Lose Yourself

Eminem’s Lose yourself has a tranquil musical touch backed by motivational lyrics that can push your mind to sprint on. The beat and tune also adapts well with your speed. The song is all about seizing the moment and you are motivated just to do that.

Load these songs on your device and listen to them as you run to experience the magical effect of music on your training sessions. No matter for what you run, with motivational songs streaming all the way, you are on the right track to discover that running is all fun.