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Welcome to the world of pomegranates!

Here is all you need to know about the 'jewel of the winter'. Take a tour through the history, benefits, fun facts, recipes and more that make it a superfruit. With the goodness packed in over hundred seeds, the fruit has lots in store for you. Browse on!

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It all started in the Babylonian era, when the wise Persian men discovered amazing medicinal and culinary properties of the red seeds. The fruit has since travelled to different countries, transforming palates and prescriptions.

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Fun Facts

The pomegranate is a fun fruit. Read through the facts below and find out why:

Super seedy fruit There can be more than 1,000 seeds in a pomegranate!

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pomegranate fruit


Did you know that the winter fruit can counter ageing? Like the old saying in Hindi goes, one pomegranate is enough to cater to the medicinal needs of hundred patients. And the benefits do not stop here.

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pomegranate Recipes

There are about a hundred seeds in each pomegranate. But the ways you can bring its goodness to your table can be unlimited. Here are some easy, tasty and healthy methods to transform the fruit to a sumptuous meal.

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The perfect blend of Réal goodness.

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Right from picking the best produce of an orchard to employing the best technology that retains the goodness of pomegranate, the Réal pomegranate juice brings you fruit nutrition in its most natural form. Get the power of 8 pomegranates in one pack and more.


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