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The ingredient list of Réal mentions the term Acidity regulators (INS 330)? What does this mean and why do you add them?<br> Are they allowed?

Acidity regulators or pH control agents are food additives added to change or maintain the pH of the respective food.

Reason for addition : All fruits naturally contain some amount of acids like Citric, Malic etc. the kind & content varies depending on the type of fruit. For example, lemon or orange contain citric acid, apples contain Malic acids and so on. However, the natural acid content of fruits vary due to many reasons -

  • Season. (Pineapples are sweet during summers, but are sour during winters)
  • Harvesting stage.

Geographic location in which the fruit is grown impacts the acidity level as well. While manufacturing the Réal range of beverages & juices, the fruit/vegetable concentrates are sourced from across the globe to get the best organoleptic profile. This results in variation in the acid content of the beverages. Hence, to obtain a standardized product, acidity regulators (like citric acid) are added while manufacturing of Réal range of beverages. Rest assured, none of these measures harm the juice benefits.

INS 330 : There are many acidity regulators permitted under Indian regulations for fruit based beverages. INS 330 which is citric acid is one such permitted acidity regulator.

Do you add preservatives in your fruit juices?

No. Réal products are manufactured using a technologically advanced process - Aseptic processing, which does not warrant the use of any chemical preservatives.

How do Réal fruit juices stay fresh without preservatives?

Réal fruit juices are packed in Tetra Pak with a double seal spill proof cap, which retains the freshness & quality of the juice. The special technology used in the packaging keeps the juice fresher for a longer period of time with no added preservatives. On opening, the pack has to be refrigerated and consumed within 5 days. This ensures that juice benefits remain unharmed as well.

How is Réal Range superior to fresh fruit juices?

Parameter Réal Juice Fresh Fruit Juice
Manufacturing Automated plants Manual
Certifications HACCP/ISO None
Processing Pasteurized, micro. Safer Not pasteurized
Fruits High quality concentrate/pulp Precut fruits

Do we get the same nutrition from packaged foods as from fresh foods?

Packaged foods from Dabur retain nutritional value to a greater extent in their various products, due to superior quality of processing and packaging. These are therefore, safer and much more hygienic for consumption. The fruit juice benefits are unquestionable.

How does Dabur ensure hygiene in its food products?

Dabur has state-of-the-art food processing plants that are completely mechanized. They eliminate outside contact to maintain hygiene and retain the natural goodness of the foods. In fact, Réal fruit juice is India’s first fruit juice brand to get SGS (Societe Generale de Surveillance) certifications for high safety standards used in packaging that conform to the stringent HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Care Point) and GMP (Good Manufacturing practice) certifications.

What do you mean by a fruit juice concentrate?

Fruit Juice concentrates are prepared by removing water from fruit juice. The process is often carried out 5-6 times. For the production of fruit concentrates, fresh fruits are processed at the peak of their quality (best quality) to prepare the juice concentrates of high quality so that the shelf life of the fruit increases. The process is highly advanced with very little effect on organoleptic or nutritional profile of the fruit.

Why do we use concentrates?

To impart the best organoleptic properties to our product range, we use imported varieties of fruits. Example oranges are sourced from Brazil, Holland etc. However, it is not logistically possible to import fruits due to shelf life constraints (fruits are perishable commodities and have a shelf life of 10-15 days, whereas time for import is usually is 1-3 months). Hence, we use the concentrates of these best quality & best tasting fruits. These concentrates are freeze dried and transported in a cold chain. At our manufacturing locations, these concentrates are reconstituted with water (which is of highest grade and passes through various quality checks) depending on the strength of the concentrate and the degree brix of the end product. If you’re wondering about its nutritional value being lost, be assured, the process ensures that no juice benefits are lost.

In Réal Activ Juices, during the reconstitution, the quantity of water added is same as that removed- i.e. they contain water content as is present in natural respective fruits. For example, Réal Activ orange will have the water content as would be present in natural oranges and likewise. The degree brix (fruit solids) of the juice is equivalent to the degree brix (fruit solids) of the respective fruit.

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Make Fruit Juice a part of your daily diet and live a healthier life today!