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About Real Fruit Power

about Réal

Réal Fruit Power has been the preferred choice of
consumers when it comes to packaged Fruit juices, and it is
this love that has made Réal Fruit Power the No. 1 juice
brand in India. We have been awarded ‘India’s Most Trusted
Brand’ for six consecutive years, in the juices category.

Today, Réal Fruit Power has a range of 14 exciting variants
in the fruit juices category - from the exotic Indian Mango Juice,
Guava Juice, Amla Juice & Litchi Juice, to the international favourites -
Pomegranate, Tomato, Cranberry, Peach, Plum, Apricot &
Grape, along with the classics - Orange, Pineapple, Apple
and Mixed Fruit. A wide range has been produced to
cater to the different needs, occasions and taste buds.

Made from best quality fruits, Réal Fruit Power has NO
added preservatives; hence it offers not just taste, but also
FRUIT POWER - the power to stay ahead. Réal’s ingredients
areendorsed by PFNDAI (Protein Foods & Nutrition
development Association of India) to produce only the finest
quality of fruit juice in India.

This comes to you in an aseptic 6-layered Tetra pak
which ensures that the juice has all
of the all the goodness and nutrition of the fruit
when it reaches you.

The Réal

We believe that fruits can be fun,
colourful, juicy, delicious and exciting.
Our ongoing endavour is to bring the
goodness of fruits and health to your
home, without compromising on the HAPPY

With Réal, be assured that

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