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Réal Fruit Power Apricot

Réal Fruit Power Apricot is one of our latest offerings. Apricot is considered as one of the most delicious fruits and it has now been introduced under the Réal Fruit Power umbrella. Apricots which are not very common in Indian households (they are mostly used as dry fruits) are now available at close quarters in form of Réal Fruit Power Apricot which is made from exotic, delicious apricots. Every gulp of this thick fruit beverage reminds you of the goodness of the fresh fruit itself.

At Réal, our people learn about apricot juice, and choose the best of Apricot Recipes. This is to make sure that when it reaches your home, it contains the maximum benefits of Apricot Juice, the best possible nutritional value as well as the legendary exquisite taste of apricot. Your child will enjoy the 'heavenly' taste worthy of the gods, brought down to earth just for him. Besides and beyond the refreshing taste, each glass of Réal Fruit Power Apricot packs as much energy as a glass of milk! So go ahead, and indulge in the proverbial 'Golden Fruit' which has heavenly taste and outstanding nutrition. It is something truly exotic; truly Re ́al and comes without added colours or preservatives.

With its distinct sweet flavour, Réal Fruit Power Apricot is a boon for a healthy body, mind and skin. Also, Its Health Benefits raise the nutritional value in your body. Could you ask for more in a fruit juice that is not merely healthy but also has the Réal Fruit Power? Additionally, try drinking a glass of cranberry juice for a healthier start to your mornings.

You can also try out various mocktail recipes you can make with Real Fruit Power
Make Fruit Juice a part of your daily diet and live a healthier life today!

Réal Fruit Power Apricot Ingredients

Ingredients: Water, Sugar,Apricot Puree Concentrate(8.5%)*, Acidity Regulator (INS 330), Stabilizer (INS 440) and Antioxidant(INS 300)


nutrition facts

Nutrition Facts per 100 ml

(Approximate Values)

Energy Protein Carbohydrates Fat Sodium Potassium Calcium β Carotene Iron
61 Kcal 0.1 g 15.2 g 0 g 10 mg 30 mg 8 mg 150 μg 0.2 mg
Natural Fruit Sugars Added Sugar
2.6 g 12.6 g