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Réal Fruit Power Plum

Réal Fruit Power Plum is the newest addition in the Réal Fruit Power family. We bring to you the best plums in form of plum flavour. Réal Fruit Power Plum is made from the most succulent, delicious plums which remind you of the fruit itself. Réal Fruit Power Plum, launched in 2012, is the first ever plum fruit beverage in India. It consists of the pristine and surreal taste of plums which are delicately plucked from the finest orchards from all over the world.

The freshness and nourishment of Réal Fruit Power Plum comes packed in a six-layer Tetra Pak packaging, which protects the product from germs, air, sunlight and harmful UV rays. With this, Réal re-affirms its promise to delight its consumers with the goodness of fruits in ever newer and more exciting ways. And of course, it comes with the Réal promise of No Added Colour and No Added Preservative. It is Just Réal.

It brings to you the tasty, fleshy taste of plums in the comfort of your home. An early morning glass gives you the Réal Fruit Power and is the best way to kick start your day! What's more, there are ample benefits of plum juice. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your pack of Réal Fruit Power Plum today! Additionally, try drinking a glass of cranberry juice for a healthier start to your mornings.

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Réal Fruit Power Plum Ingredients

Ingredients: Water, Sugur, Plum Juice Concentrate
(3.7%)*, Acidity Regulator (INS 330), Stabilizer (INS
440) and Antioxidant (INS 300)


nutrition facts

Nutrition Facts per 100 ml

(Approximate Values)

Energy Protein Carbohydrates Fat Sodium Potassium Iron
60 Kcal 0 g 15 g 0 g 6.5 mg 30 mg 0.1 mg
Natural Fruit Sugars Added Sugar
2.35 g 12.5 g