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Faq Head
Q1. How to participate?
A1. Buy the Masti Ki scholarship pack and see the top panel to find your unique RJ code & follow the steps given below:


SMS the unique code on the pack to 9555495554 along with the type of masti scholarship you want. Eg. if you want travel masti scholarship, SMS to 9555495554
  • Cricket kit
  • Movies tickets
  • Appearing in a Real advertisement with RJ
  • PSP3
  • Family travel


Winners will be informed by SMS & gifts will be delivered at the addresses provided.
*Terms & conditions apply.
Stocks available without this offer also.
Q2Is there any participation fees?
A2. No, there’s no participation fee for this contest
Q3.Which variants is RJ code available on?
A3. Mixed fruit, Mango, Orange, Apple, Litchi, Guava and Pomegranate
Q4.Where is the unique code printed?
A4. You can find your unique RJ code on the top panel of your pack (insert jpeg of the top panel).>
Q5.RJ code is not there on my pack, what should I do??
A5. Stocks are available without this offer also. Go to your nearest shop & look for Masti Ki Scholarship 200ml pack, with unique RJ code on top of the pack.
Q6.Are there any T&C to be aware of?
A6. Kindly go through the T&C(hyperlinked to the T&C page) thoroughly for any queries.
Q7.Is there an age limit to participate?
A7. Yes. Kids between the age of 5 – 12 years can participate for the content.
Q8.How many times can I participate?
A8. You can participate as many times as you want. As many times you buy the Masti Ki Scholarship pack, & SMS the unique code to 9555495554 along with your favourite masti scholarship, your participation will be registered.
However please note one unique code can be used only once
Q9.Where can I see my participation entry?
A9. A confirmation message will be sent once your entry has been received
Q10.What are the prizes?
A10. Kindly go through the T&C(hyperlinked to the T&C page) thoroughly for any queries.
Q11.When will the winners be announced?
A12. AWinners will be noticed by SMS on their registered mobile number & announce on the website by the end of the campaign period in July 2017.
Q13.Will I be notified if I was NOT chosen as a winner?
A13. Only winners will be informed by SMS on the same number they registered their entry with. They will need to provide their postal address for the delivery.
Q14.When will my prize be shipped?
A14. Once the contest is over, the prizes will be shipped to the address shared by the winners.