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A Meditation called Running

We run to warm up, we run to be fit, we run to lose weight and we run for a healthier us but did you know that running is also a form of meditation? Though meditation is superficially non-physical and more emotional in nature and running seems to be quite the opposite, they are amazingly similar in the way they both affect our body and mind. There are numerous effects of running that are similar to that of meditation

1Happy Hormones

Like meditation, running may releases endorphins or the happy hormones. Endorphins reduce your awareness of pain by interacting with the brain receptors. They also act as natural stress relievers. Many studies have pointed out that those who run on a regular basis show a much positive frame of mind, higher energy levels and lower rates of depression.

2Healthy Blood Circulation

For centuries, meditation has been known for an improved blood circulation throughout the body. It slowly stimulates the blood flow to various parts and organs.

Running has the same effect on the body’s blood circulation. It helps in pumping the blood throughout your body in a healthy fashion. This improved blood flow helps in avoiding many diseases and results in a healthier you.

3Calm Body and Mind

Most of the diseases and health disorders today are due to hectic lifestyle and conditions that induce stress and anxiety. A calm body and mind are very important for one to be fully healthy and happy. Like meditation, running helps in focus on a single thing and unifies your mind with your physical self. This focus leads to lower stress levels and a much calmer state of mind.

4The Chakra Therapy

According to the ancient Indian medicine there are 7 major chakras in our body. A good flow of energy through these chakras is very important for a healthy you.

Running and meditation are both known to be a good exercise for healthy body chakras. They help in clearing out obstructions, give you a much stable body and result in gradual elimination and avoidance of diseases.

5Improved Breathing and Weight Loss

Meditation includes lots of focused breathing exercises that not only help in improving your stamina but also lead to a much fitter and slimmer you. Simple exercises like the pranayama make you breathe better and also help in getting rid of that excessive fat.

Running does the same to you, the vigorous workout makes you shed those extra kilos and at the same time it improves your breathing and results in a much more focused state of mind.

Though running and meditation are at the opposite sides of the spectrum they both are similar in many ways. While meditation is an inactive form of running, running on the other hand is an active form of meditation. And both lead to a healthier body and mind.