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Yoga - For a Healthy Body and Mind

From centuries Indian gurus have practiced the art of Yoga that has now been popularised as a method of exercising in the modern world. Yoga has been known to be quite effective when it comes to attaining a healthy body and mind. The benefits are numerous, and the practice is simple which only makes Yoga even more popular day by day.

Given below are the five key benefits you get from practicing Yoga

1 Flexible Body

Stiff and underdeveloped muscles and joints is a common condition for most of the people having a sedentary lifestyle. But Yoga poses help in stretching the muscles slowly and work on even those joints that hardly ever get a workout. The result is a much flexible and a less tired body.

2 Stronger Core Muscles

Most of the styles of Yoga like the ashtanga and power yoga are physically quite demanding. Practicing the poses from these styles can help you in improving your muscle tone immensely.

Some of the poses like the plank, downward dog and upward dog help you in building upper-body strength. On the other hand you can even strengthen your abs, quadriceps and hamstrings with the help of the standing poses. If combined in the right manner, all of these poses help in giving you superior core strength.

3 Improved Immunity

Regular exercises are a good way of warming up your body but for a healthier living proper stimulation of all glands and organs is quite important. There are some like the prostate gland that rarely get externally stimulated ever, but practicing Yoga massages and stimulates almost all the organs and glands of your body.

Instead of acting on a single point Yoga focuses on the body as a whole. External stimulation to the organs and glands help in keeping away diseases by creating an already alert internal system. When repeated on a regular basis, this stimulation results in an improved immunity.

4 Great Stress Buster

Yoga is good not just for the body but also for the mind. Some Yoga styles include meditation and breathing exercises like the pranayama. Focused breathing exercises also help you relax in a much better way as they slow down your body and put you in a calm state of mind. Practicing them one is sure to get instant relief from the daily stress.

5 Detoxification

Yoga induces a healthy blood flow to all parts of your body as it includes slow stretching of muscles and joints and the stimulation of vital organs and glands. This superior blood flow not only provides proper nourishment but also flushes out toxins from every part of your body that in turn results in delayed ageing and an increase in energy.

Today Yoga has helped millions of people in leading a healthier life. It is not just a system of physical exercises but in fact a way of life with the help of which one can be healthy, happy and calm within.