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Mocktail Recipes

Welcome a world of smiles with easy recipes for kids. Create exciting and healthy meals for your little ones every day.


    Try this drink to delve into a sweet and sour taste of apple and mosambi at the same time!


    This combo of mosambi and mint serves as a perfect thirst quenching beverage for summers.

  • Kalakhatta (Jamun) Mocktail

    This popular tangy flavored drink is a perfect cooler to save you from hot and humid weather.

  • Jamun Smoothie

    Diabetes-frendly jamun blends with low-fat curds to make a delectable smoothie Recipe.

  • Réal Pineapple and Banana Mocktail

    Enjoy the freshness of Réal pineapple juice with a hint of nutrition. Create your own summer treat with this creamy mocktail.

  • Réal Pomegranate & Fresh Grape Caipiroschka

    Rock your usual mocktail with a dash of nutrition. Create your rocktail out of the caipiroska of Réal Pomegranate juice and fresh grape.

  • Réal Basil Guava Fruit Punch

    Enjoy the goodness of guava with a dash of nutrition to create delicious Basil Guava Summer Slush.

  • Réal Pomegranate & Mint Mojito

    Mix the richness of Pomegranate with lemon and mint to create Pomegranate & Mint Mojito Magic.

  • Réal Orange and Kiwi Lemonade

    Enjoy the freshness of Réal orange juice and kiwi fruit with goodness of cumin and lemon to create this cool and refreshing fruit punch.

  • Réal Blue Hawaiian mocktail

    Enjoy the freshness of Blue Curacao and healthy Réal pineapple juice to create this refreshing cool blue Hawaiian punch.

  • Réal Floating Island Mocktail

    Enjoy the refreshing and nutritious Real floating Island Mocktail with chocolate peanut sandwich.

  • Réal Peach & Apple Mocktail

    Start your day with the goodness of banana, apple, and kiwi fruit with the taste of real litchi juice.

  • Réal Mango Smoothie

    You can enjoy the flavor of real mangoes and the goodness of banana with this healthy, tasty and nutritious Real Mango Smmothie.

  • Réal Roasted Pineapple Milkshake

    Real Roasted Pineapple Milkshake contains the goodness of pineapple and the yummy, creamy vanilla ice cream.

  • Réal Dhaniya and Tamatar Mocktail

    Spice up your get together parties with the goodness of coriander and richness of tomato.

  • Réal Grape and Pineapple Smoothie

    Real Berry Lemon Twist contains the goodness of strawberries, cranberries and pomegranate.


    Real Berry Lemon Twist contains the goodness of strawberries, cranberries and pomegranate.