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13 Surprising Benefits of Orange Juice and it’s Uses

Uses and benefits of Orange juice

Orange juice not just tastes great but is power packed with healthy nutrients as well and serves as a base for various kinds of drinks and beverages. The humble orange and its juice are also great snacking options for being low of calories and boosting instant energy and power. Orange juice is also known as sunshine juice because its one glass can do wonders for the body. It helps reduces the bad cholesterol and regulates blood pressure and works against common cold and flu, which happen every time the season undergoes a change.

There are many different varieties of oranges that are grown today all over the world. From blood oranges and mandarin to clementine and bitter oranges; the fruit in all its form is one hundred percent natural and healthy. Oranges are a rich source of:

  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Flavonoids
  • Phytochemicals
  • Antioxidant
  • Anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial properties

Even the doctors and medical practitioners swear by the fruit when it comes to numbering the advantages of orange juice.

Few of the many benefits of orange juice are listed below :

  1. Improves Digestive System
  2. Source of Vitamin C
  3. Boosts Immune System
  4. Detoxifies Body
  5. Perks up Blood Circulation
  6. Lowers Inflammation
  7. Good for Diabetics
  8. Good for Cardiac Health
  9. Boosts Anti-ageing
  10. Helps Strengthen Bones and Muscles
  11. Aids Strong Bones
  12. Treats Anemia
  13. Improves Cholesterol

Detailed Benefits of Orange Juice:

  1. A small fruit like orange is a powerhouse of benefits for the stomach and digestive system. It not just normalizes the digestion but also alleviates excess of gastric juices and acid, giving relief from ulcers. Drinking a glass of orange juice first thing in the morning can help in regulating bowel movements, abdominal distention and fermentation of food. Those who suffer from regular diarrhea or constipation can also benefit greatly from the juice as it ensures regular working of the intestines.. Having acidic and alkalizing properties, orange also cleans up the gastric and digestive system regularly. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, orange juice benefits in preventing bloating, especially among ladies. Also, since normal digestion requires a good amount of hydration, juice of orange helps meet that requirement and keeps digestive system strong.

    Drinking orange juice benefits in improving digestive system
  2. Orange is a big source of vitamin C that is required by the body in great amounts. And since a human body cannot synthesize vitamin on its own, a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice can do wonders. Vitamin C helps ward off seasonal cold and cough and builds immunity. It also fights off free radicals that cause early ageing and also helps in absorbing other essential nutrients like iron and calcium. And apart from this, vitamin C also helps in repairing sun burn inducing skin damage.

    A benefit of orange juice is that it is a source of vitamin C
  3. A single serving of orange juice is said to provide 200 percent of vitamin C requirement in the body, and once that constraint is filled our body is surely free of any diseases and ailments. Mostly, children fall sick due to a low immune system and hence it is very important to make them eat oranges and drink its juice regularly. It not only boosts the immune system but also strengthens the cells fighting infections and bacteria. Orange juice also provides components of collagen that is necessary to repair cells and grow new tissues in the body. It stimulates the immune system to a great extent.

  4. Orange juice is known for its detoxifying properties. If consumed daily, the juice helps in increasing the function of kidneys. It also relives the kidneys of the highly painful condition of stones. Orange juice contains citric acid and citrates that trim down the risk of kidney stones greatly. With the alkalizing properties, it also cleans the blood by dissolving acids that form residues in the kidneys. It is a natural detoxifier and with the help of its enzymes, can clear the digestive tract and cleanse the liver in no time.

    Orange juice is beneficial in detoxification
  5. Our body requires constant blood supply in order to function properly. If the circulation is not proper, the organs do not get the nourishment they need and ultimately malfunction. Oranges are high in folate count that helps in forming DNA and ensures healthy cell growth. Folate is also known to protect the cells from regular damage and fight off free radicals. A glass of orange juice daily can ensure not just regular and smooth functioning of blood in muscles and organs but also formation of new red blood cells that indicate a healthy body. The juice of oranges also considerably reduces cellular oxidation.

  6. Inflammation is very painful, even though it is a natural form of body’s defense mechanism against infections as protection. Those suffering from regular inflammations can understand the problem. To prevent this, a regular dose of fresh orange juice regularly is very important. It is full of anti-inflammatory agents and helps in smooth functioning of the organs. It also has bioactive compounds like flavonoids – hesperidin and naringenin which works wonders for the body. Inflammation causes chronic metabolic disorders and to get rid of them it is imperative to take oranges regularly in one’s daily diet. The juice is said to mediate the response in cell’s plasma and genes thus modulating inflammation in individuals.

    Orange juice benefits in lowering inflammation
  7. With a whole lot of magical powers that orange juice has, it is also said to lower the risk of Type 2 diabetes, which is a common feature these days. Doctors recommend a daily dose of orange juice to type 2 diabetes patients to keep the sugar levels in check. Oranges have very less sugar and are known for their diuretic properties and hence they can help regulate the disease in individuals. Also the vitamin C present in the fruit helps get over the other problems faced by diabetes patients like infections and organ damage. Most of the diabetes patients suffer from eye problems. And hence orange juice is also said to be very good for eyes. Vitamin C is good for eye health.

    Orange juice is beneficial for diabetics in many ways
  8. A simple and easy way to keep heart healthy is by regular consumption of fresh orange juice. Potassium is found in abundance in oranges and that helps in keeping a check on blood pressure. The other components found in orange also helps in triggering blood vessels which keeps the blood pressure in check, which keeps the functioning of heart also in place. Also by improving blood circulation and pressure, it also significantly reduces the risk of formation of clots, thereby helps preventing arteriosclerosis, which is very common even in young people today.

    Orange juice is beneficial for cardiac health
  9. Anything eaten in a healthy manner and in moderation is good for the body and skin. Apart from healthy boost, oranges are also good for glowing skin, which everyone yearns for today. Oranges not only give a glow and shine to the skin but also boost anti-ageing naturally. Due to the antioxidants that are present in oranges, the skin is able to generate new cells that repair and re-grow its components, giving a vibrant and younger looking skin. It also helps in reversing the effects of ageing in people. Ageing is mostly caused because of three factors – deficiency of vitamins, a significant dent to free radicals and increase of toxins in the skin. A regular consumption of orange juice can help one get over all of the three problems and result in a younger, blemish-free skin. Orange juice to a great extent can cleanse, detoxify and nourish the internal organs and reduces oxidative stress in skin. Make orange a part of your daily regimen and watch and feel years fall off.

    Orange juice is beneficial in boosting anti-ageing
  10. Bone issues are faced with almost all women around the world. It is mainly caused due to deficiency of vitamins in the body. Also, when uric acid gets accumulated in the bone joints, people suffer from severe form of arthritis, which gets extremely painful and discomforting. Hence one of the easiest ways to prevent bone issues and problems is a regular dose of orange fruit in the form of pulp or juice. Drink orange juice every day and get the body rid of uric acid, thus averting the risk of gout or arthritis. But according to doctors it is very important to only consume fresh juice as sodas and sugar are not just full of calories but also give rise to other issues as well. Doctors believe that for those suffering from arthritis, juicing the fruit is the best possible option as all the nutrients can be consumed on the whole, which are otherwise left.

    Orange juice benefits in strengthening bones and muscles
  11. Calcium deficiency is one of the biggest health issue faced around the world. Children and women suffer the most because of this. In oranges, there is a good amount of calcium that can overcome the deficiency and also maintain a healthy blood pressure and flow. Carotenoids in oranges act as a powerful support against harmful radicals that stunt bone health and growth. A daily glass of orange juice of consumption of the fruit regularly can help making bones strong and sturdy. Also teeth and gums remain in good shape with regular eating of orange fruit or juice. Orange juice benefits in strengthening of teeth enamel and roots and fights off bacteria and other infections lurking in the mouth.

    Orange juice is beneficial in aiding strong bones
  12. Around the world, over 70 percent women and children are anemic and the causes are grave and many. Apart from poor diet and nutrition, many new born babies are born as anemic. Anemia is caused by severe deficiency of iron and leads to other medical issues as well. Orange juice is said to be the best source of vitamin C that aids in absorption of iron into blood vessels, hence making one healthy and in pink of health.

  13. Orange has a good fiber content which is very healthy for our body. That fiber apart from increasing the nutritional value also helps in improving and maintaining the cholesterol levels in the body. Due to bad lifestyle, most of the adults today are suffering from high cholesterol levels which cause many other life-threatening issues like fatal cardiac arrests. Hence, doctors advise that regular consumption of orange juice can help improve cholesterol, triglycerides and lipid profile numbers to a great extent. It is said that a cup of freshly-squeezed orange juice provides nutrients that check increasing cholesterol. Also, apart from regularly drinking orange juice, it is important to exercise, including strength training to lower total and LDL cholesterol. Orange juice has very high flavonoid content like polymethoxylated flavones, which are responsible for reducing the cholesterol levels and making the body healthy. Many studies in Australia have reported a 48 to 50 percent increase in free cholesterol transfers after the consumption of orange juice regularly.

    Orange juice is beneficial in improving cholesterol levels

Oranges are available mostly in summer months in tropical countries like India. One can see the markets flooded with oranges during the season and hence can drink freshly-squeezed juice daily for a dose of good health. It is very easy to make orange juice at home. If you have a juicer, just peel the fruit and squeeze out the juice, but if not then follow the easy, simple steps

  1. Peel the fruit, and separate the seeds
  2. Scrape the orange with a spoon and if you want, add the pulp into the juice that comes out after scraping
  3. If you prefer clear juice, pour the juice through a strainer before drinking
  4. Add a little salt or black salt for taste or some more sugar
How to make orange juice at home?

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