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13 Awesome Benefits of Mosambi (Mausambi) Juice

Uses and benefits of Mosambi juice

There is definitely more to Mausambi juice than its sweet and tangy taste! Want to know more on how it can benefit your health while keeping you feeling fit and refreshed? Read further…

Mausambi, or sweet lime as it is called, is a fruit with great benefits for the health. Being as a seasonal fruit, Mausambi is available mostly in summers and hence both the fruit and its naturally sweet and tangy juice can make you feel refreshed and energized in an instant. Grown mostly in the tropical climate of South-East Asia, this citrus fruit is enriched with goodness of Vitamin C, which helps in curing various ailments. Want to recover from cold and flu? Have Mausambi. Want your immune system to function properly? Include a daily dose of mausambi juice in your diet. Want to shed some extra pounds? Eat mausambi. There is no denying the fact that a glass of Mosambi juice can do so much more for your overall health and well-being than just taste delightful.

What makes Mausambi the go to fruit juice for your health woes? Apart from its delightful taste, the fruit is also rich in:

  • Vitamin C
  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Iron
  • Calcium
  • Potassium

It is low in fat and has several therapeutic qualities. It is also known to cool you during hot summers and provide instant energy.

Apart from being consumed as a juice, Mosambi is also consumed extensively in the form of jams, pickles, sorbets and as a meat marinade. Indeed, it is a versatile fruit with many benefits. So are you up for reinventing your diet by including Mausambi in it?

Need some more reasons to yes to Mausambi juice? Read about Mosambi juice benefits here:

  1. Helps in Digestion
  2. Prevents Gum and Teeth Diseases
  3. Recovers Immune System
  4. Promotes Bone Health
  5. Good for Eyes, Skin and Hair
  6. Good in Pregnancy
  7. Aids Weight Control
  8. Helps Aid Nervous System
  9. Antioxidant
  10. Good for Respiratory Health
  11. Maintains Sugar Levels
  12. Aids Liver Functioning
  13. Boosts Blood Circulation

Detailed Mosambi Juice Benefits :

  1. Being acidic in nature, Mausambi helps immensely in keeping digestion proper. The flavonoids stimulate the digestive system and aid the increase of bile and acids. Mostly those who suffer from indigestion and constipation are recommended to include mausambi juice in their diet as it helps regulate the bowel movement and metabolism. It is said to neutralize the acids that are formed in the stomach and flushes out the toxins clearing the tract. The fruit also enhances the peristaltic motion which controls diarrhea and vomiting that are caused mostly in children. Also, the fruit has lots of dietary fibers that help reliving constipation. Consuming Mosambi juice is a natural way to get smoothen and regularize the bowel movements. The fruit helps the roughage we consume to enhance the bowel tract and give relief from constipation. Even the rinds of Mausambi can be sucked or dried and powdered and used in food for digestive benefits. It is also highly beneficial for detoxifying the body by flushing out contaminant and providing natural glow and shine. The potassium electrolyte present in the fruit helps in proper blood flow that detoxifies kidney, bladder and liver and reduces the occurrence of urinary problems and turmoil.

    Drinking mosambi juice helps in digestion
  2. Being rich in Vitamin C, Mausambi helps in providing the required nutrition for the health of teeth and gums. One of the common problems children face is Scurvy, in which the gums bleed, swell and causes ulcers and mouth and tongue, Mausambi not only replenishes the vitamin deficiency because of which Scurvy is caused, but also helps reliving the gum problems. Rubbing a slice of mausambi with a pinch of black salt on the affected gums can provide immediate relief. Also, the fruit helps in maintaining white and shiny teeth. Halitosis or bad breath can also be eliminated by regular consumption of mausambi. Being an active antigen and antioxidant, masuambi is full of flavonoids, and they help in removing and healing peptic mouth ulcers. It also detoxifies and its anti-carcinogenic properties help in healing and replenishing. Limomin Glucoside, a flavonoid heavily present in Mausambi works as magic for those with dental issues and problems.

    Mosambi juice benefits in prevention of gum and teeth diseases
  3. With pollution and dwindling lifestyle, immune system takes a severe beating these days. Apart from the harmful medicines that help in getting the energy and strength back with a bout of side effects, there are many natural superfoods that help in improving our overall health. One of them is Mosambi juice. Its regular consumption not only improves and recovers the immune system but keeps it stronger. The fruit ensures a proper and smooth blood circulation into the heart, thus, ensuring it remains hail and hearty. Regular consumption of the juice also leads to a noticeable difference within the overall heart functioning. It also increases healthier defense mechanisms. Also, being rich in vitamin c, mausambi consumption prevents frequent flu and cold attacks, mostly in children who are prone to fall sick every weather change.

  4. Those who love outdoors and exercising often face a problem of muscle cramps. So most of the trainers and athletes are recommended Mausambi as it not only hydrates the body, but also helps in relaxing muscles. The juice of Mausambi, power-packed with vitamins and minerals loosens up the muscles which get stiff due to rigorous workout or exercising. The fruit also helps in boosting instant energy, especially for those playing painstaking sports and games. According to doctors, Mosambi juice benefits bone health by preventing the occurrence of diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, bone swelling and other inflammations. Studies have proved that regular consumption of the fruit and its juice can help in boosting bone health, especially in women after the age of 30 years.

    Drinking mosambi juice regularly benefits in boosting bone health
  5. As Mausambi is loaded with antioxidants and antibacterial properties, the fruit is said to be very good for eyes. Consumption of the fruit helps protecting the eyes from infections that are mostly caused due to allergy from pollution or any foreign particle. Mausambi is also said to be useful for cataract patients. Also, during itching, watering of eyes and allergy, it is advised to wash them with mausambi juice. Also, it helps in protection from various infections like conjunctivitis and age-related muscular degeneration. Mausambi is also popular in cosmetics and make up industry. The fruits extracts are used in strengthening and giving shine to hair and treat dandruff. Read more on how to remove dandruff at our blog. The vitamin C present in Mausambi helps in treating dandruff, providing the required hydrating and nourishment to the hair and roots. And if the roots are strong, hair fall also reduces. Also, it helps in reducing blemishes, acne and pigmentation and thus is used in many creams. Applying Mosambi juice on skin and keeping it overnight can help in imparting glowing and soft skin. It not only moisturizes but also improves the skin tone making is shades lighter. A lot of cosmetic companies use mausambi components in sun tan lotions and creams as well. The fruit juice also contains bleaching and cleansing agents that are helpful in getting rid marks and spots permanently. When applied regularly on the lips, the juice helps in skin softening and lightening as well.

    A benefit of drinking mosambi juice is that it is good for eyes, skin and hair
  6. Mausambi juice provides a natural cooling effect to the body during pregnancy, by relieving its common ailment like constipation, nausea and heaviness. It also helps in curbing morning sickness with its mild acidity and keeps one hydrated throughout. The tangy flavor of the juice gastrointestinal tract and reduces acidity. It also flushes out harmful toxins from the body. As mausambi carries plenty of flavonoids, it helps in stimulating secretion of digestive juices which eases out digestion and prevents constipation. In pregnancy, one glass of Mausambi juice should be consumed daily. During summers, the juice also prevents heartburn and keeps the body cool and fit. The juice also has a considerable amount of calcium that helps in overall growth of fetus. However, we recommend you to get in touch with your gynecologist to know the exact amount of juice that you must intake and in what frequency.

    Mosambi juice is beneficial during pregnancy
  7. Mausambi juice is known for its health wonders that include weight loss. Drinking a glass of Mausambi juice provides the required nutrients as well as builds stamina and helps hydrating the body as well. Mausambi juice also reduces cholesterol levels and regulates blood pressure. It can be substituted for carbonated drinks as apart from providing essential vitamins and minerals it also tastes well. One serving of the mausambi fruit juice has 40 calories and is loaded with goodies. Hence, it not only contributes of weight loss but also provides the much-needed calcium, vitamins, potassium and copper in good amounts.

    Mosambi juice is beneficial in aiding weight control
  8. The nervous system is the most important part of the body, functioning of which helps us remain healthy and fit. Mausambi juice has cooling properties and thus it helps in keeping the brain functioning in a proper manner. It also helps in treating brain fever and other mental issues. The juice helps keep the nerves calm and anxiety levels within the required framework.

    A benefit of mosambi juice is that it helps aid nervous system
  9. With its magical properties, Mausambi juice is also beneficial in lowering the uric acid levels, preventing gout. The antioxidants present in Mausambi help in flushing out the uric acid and other free radicals in the body. So those who have the problem of gout should regularly consume Mausambi juice at least twice a day to get rid of the problem. The mild acid and vitamin C present in Mausambi also helps in neutralizing the free radicals in the body. Being high in potassium, Mausambi juice also treats urinary disorders.

  10. The increasing effects of pollution are attacking most systems of our bodies. But consumption of nutrient-rich foods like Mausambi can negate its effects. Drinking Mausambi juice regularly, twice daily, has proved to be very effective for those having respiratory problems. Mausambi juice has anti-congestive properties that keep the respiratory tract clean and purified.. Many medical researchers have proved that one can increase and improve their breathing capacity by consuming Mausambi juice which is full of vitamins and other micro-nutrients. The juice also contains high concentration of nutritive substances which enhances respiration.

    Drinking mosambi juice regularly is good for respiratory health
  11. Mausambi juice is good for diabetics. Known for its high vitamin C content, Mausambi juice cuts through excess sugar levels, ultimately bringing them down and balancing them. Many doctors suggest a mix of Amla and Mosambi juice along with a spoonful of honey should be consumed daily early in the morning empty stomach by diabetes patients to live a fit and healthier life.

    Mosambi juice is beneficial in maintaining sugar levels
  12. Regular consumption of Mausambi juice also helps in cleansing of liver, which makes sure one has a healthy body. Mausambi juice regularizes liver functioning thereby reducing the risk of jaundice and controlling bile secretion. Those already suffering from jaundice are also advised by the doctors to drink the juice in order to help liver function properly.

    Mosambi juice benefits in regularizing liver functioning Regular consumption of mosambi juice helps in cleansing of liver
  13. Another important feature of Mausambi juice is to boost blood circulation and maintain important parameters and organs of the body. It has been medically proved that regular consumption of the juice can help accelerate blood circulation which keeps the body and mind hale and hearty.

How to make Mausambi juice at home?

How to make mosambi juice at home?

As a fruit rich in taste, it is no secret that mausambi is loved by people of all ages. It can easily be prepared at home fresh. If you have a juicer, just squeeze it easily but if not, then follow these tips:

  1. Take 3-4 Mausambi and peel them
  2. Cut them into big chunks and de-seed them
  3. Now put the pieces of Mausambi in the blender and blend till a smooth liquid is formed
  4. Now run the juice through a sieve to make sure there are no seeds, pulp or lumps in it
  5. Once the entire pulp is collected in the strainer, squeeze the pulp or press it with a back of a spoon in the strainer to extract additional juice
  6. Discard the pulp
  7. Transfer the juice into a glass and drink it while its fresh
  8. Additionally, you can add a teaspoon of black salt to enhance the taste of the juice. Also, if the juice tastes tart or is too tangy for your palate, you can add a teaspoon of sugar to it and blitz the juice for 4-5 seconds before transferring it to a glass
  9. We recommend drinking the juice immediately after making it. Storing fresh mausambi juice for too long in a fridge can make it go sour and add bitterness to its taste

If you find making juice at home too cumbersome a process, you can always opt for Dabur Real Fruit Power Mosambi Beverage. It’s packed in a 6 layered Tetrapak which helps preserve the beverage without any preservatives, keeps nutrition and freshness intact too!

Need more information on the health benefits of Mosambi juice or why to include Mausambi juice in your daily diet? Keep following our blog.

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