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16 Fruit Juices: Health & Nutritional Benefits of Fruit Juices


Litchi, close to your heart

They say people who look rough from the outside often have a very soft heart. Litchi is exactly the same. Carrying a red porcupine-like covering, litchi surprises us with a soft flesh inside. This irony is not a mere coincidence. Though this fruit looks so small, it has the ability to take over great illness. Due to its high potassium content, litchi strengthens our nervous system, thus, offering a regular heart rhythm. Looking at the mesmerizing benefits of litchi, a great research has been done, which states litchi as a fruit that assists in preventing health problems caused by obesity, diabetes, stroke, heart disease and Alzheimer’s. That’s why making litchi an important part of our life has now become all the more necessary. You can also check out the various mocktail recipes you can make with Real Fruit Power.

Let’s make the world beautiful

Apart from bringing a smile on your face, litchi has the ability to actually make your face look beautiful. This little fruit has anti-aging properties and it gives you protection from free radicals. What’s more, it nourishes your hair too, by providing the body the most essential vitamins. Not limited to just beautifying process, this miraculous fruit can also speed up the recovery of damaged skin. Never knew how a petite fruit like litchi can have such hidden treasures in it. A daily glass of juice of litchi can refresh both your body and mind in numerous ways.

Made With Love

When god had to create something that will show his love towards us, he must have surely created litchi. It is this magnificent fruit that has the most nutritional values, which are unknown to many of us. It contains good amount of fiber and B-complex that improves our metabolism. Furthermore, litchi offers our body a nutrient that is required for the production of blood. It provides manganese, magnesium, copper, and iron that are required for the formation of RBC. No doubt, the benefits of litchi fruit are truly incomparable.

You can also check out the various fruit recipes you can make with Real Fruit Power.

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Make Fruit Juice a part of your daily diet and live a healthier life today!