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16 Fruit Juices: Health & Nutritional Benefits of Fruit Juices


While Fruit Juices have innumerable benefits, they can be the answer to your kid’s poor diet. As kids grow up, they become extremely picky about their eating habits. Giving your child fruit juice is the best way to sneak fruits into your kid’s diet.


Nutritional Benefits of Fruit Juices:


Fruit Juices will more or less provide you the same minerals and vitamins that a fruit will. Fruit juices also work wonders if you or your kid is craving for aerated drinks. You yourself will start feeling healthier once fruit juices start being a part of your daily diet. Fiber is one thing fruit juices might not be able to provide you. This is why we recommend making fruit juices a part of your diet, and not your entire diet.


Health Benefits of Fruit Juices:


Every Fruit juice has its own benefits. Kids often suffer from common issues like anaemia. Drinking a glass of Pomegranate Juice can really help your kids fight this problem. Are you a diabetic? Drinking Mosambi Juice on an empty stomach is known to help patients control diabetes. A glass of mango juice can give your kid innumerable nutrients, around 100 calories and immense joy.


How much Fruit Juice should you have?


Drinking a glass of juice 2-3 times in a day should be enough. Instead of completely switching to a juice diet, incorporate fruit juices in your everyday diet. Replacing your daily doses of tea or coffee with fruit juices is something you should definitely try.

14 Fruit Juices & Their Benefits