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 Pineapple flavour | Real Fruit Power

Réal Fruit Power Pineapple

Juice of pineapple is the easiest way for you to conveniently include the wholesomeness of pineapple in your daily diet. The beverage is prepared using the best quality pineapples sourced from select farms which are then converted into your favourite pineapple juice. Réal Fruit Power Pineapple is a great alternative to Real Fruit Power Orange, with both possessing almost the same nutrient qualities, but a refreshingly different taste. Every 1 litre pack comes with Réal Fruit Power and the nutritional value of 2 pineapples!

The aseptic processing ensures that all the nutrients of pineapples are retained and reach you in all purity and freshness. So every time you open a pack of Réal Pineapple, expect nothing but, pure pineapple pleasure. All of this comes with the Re ́al assurance of No added Colour, No Added Flavour, and No Added Preservatives, Just Re ́al. It's this unflinching quest for quality that has helped us win the award of India's most trusted brand in the Food and Beverages category for seven years in a row.

Pineapple Juice benefits exist in plenty. It is helpful in good digestion; in weight loss and is one of the best juices to boost body's energy levels. Besides, the delicious taste of pineapple juice is an added bonus coupled with its nutritional qualities. A tall glass of this golden nectar is sure to get your family and kids addicted to its delectable taste. Go, get it now! Additionally, try drinking a glass of cranberry juice for a healthier start to your mornings.

You can also try out various mocktail recipes you can make with Real Fruit Power.
Make Fruit Juice a part of your daily diet and live a healthier life today!


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