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 Peach flavour | Real Fruit Power

Réal Fruit Power Peach

Réal Fruit Power Peach brings to your home the exotic goodness of peaches. Peaches as well as Peach Juice are rare and difficult to obtain at any time of the year. Réal Fruit Power captures the vitality of peaches, which are typically grown in colder climates, with the help of the well-known aseptic technology. It doesn’t matter if you are in Delhi, Mumbai or Chennai, you can experience the Peach Nectar by simply opening a pack of Réal Peach at any time of the year and make most of the nature's bounty in one of its sweetest forms.

Réal Peach, made from exotic, delicious peaches, reaches your home with the Réal freshness warranty by adhering to norms of No Added Colour and No Added Preservatives. The beverage comes packed in a six-layered Tetra Pak packaging, which retains its exotic taste and wholesome nutrition. It is this minute care for details and the urge to bring to you the best of beverages from the best of fruits that has helped us retain your trust. It is your confidence in us that has helped us emerge as India's most trusted Brand in the Food and Beverages category for seven years in a row.

'Pretty as a peach'- a glass of Réal Peach Nectar is all it takes to get that natural blush and win compliments. The benefits of peach juice are many. It is a rare fruit which is loaded with all the essential vitamins you need for a healthy life. With these delicate and soft peaches, gain the RéalFruit Power and kick start a day full of vitality and freshness! Additionally, try drinking a glass of cranberry juice for a healthier start to your mornings.

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Make Fruit Juice a part of your daily diet and live a healthier life today!