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 Tomato flavour | Real Fruit Power

Réal Fruit Power Tomato

Real Fruit Power Tomato is a delight for all tomato lovers for its delicious taste and unmatched nutrition content. We get you the best tomatoes from select gardens and pack their wholesome goodness in a six-layered tetra-pack that seals in its original taste and nourishment. We take extra care to ensure you get consistent quality round the year. Did you know that a single pack of Réal Tomato is loaded with the goodness of 25 tomatoes?

For mothers keen to build healthy habits for their children right from the beginning of their lives, Réal Fruit Power Tomato is virtually a one-stop solution. A daily glass of tomato juice has the potential to keep a person healthy for life, so isn’t it better that you introduce this habit early with your kids. The freshness of Real Tomato has enough body-building vitamins and minerals to meet his entire nutrient requirement.

Réal, which has been voted as one of the most trustworthy brands of India brings to you the Réal Fruit Power Tomato to provide you with all the health benefits of tomato juice. Tomatoes are a rich source of Vitamin A and C and folic acid. They contain a wide array of antioxidants which also help in combating cancer. Réal Tomato comes without any added colour or preservative.

The innumerable benefits of tomatoes tell you to include a glass of Réal Fruit Power Tomato in your everyday diet and ward off any potential health risks to your family. Go, get your pack today! Additionally, try drinking a glass of cranberry juice for a healthier start to your mornings.

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Make Fruit Juice a part of your daily diet and live a healthier life today!